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Projekt ve Švédsku Stay or Go!

Skvělá účastnice Marta Hučínová píše:
This project took a place for one week in Karlstad city in Sweden. The main topic was about the problem of the depopulation of the smaller towns, especially by young people who move to larger cities for study or work. During whole week have all of the participants oportunity to acquire competences for personal and professional development, knowledge and specific know-how from good practice abroad. The members could also gain practical skills relevant for Professional development and new leasing practices and training methods. The project participants are from different countries, so here is a strong assumption about acquire knowledge of social, linguistic and cultural matters with the combination of foreign langure. This project gives you new contacts and friendships by meeting new people.

Projekt v Řecku v Aténách DemocrActive!

Group leader Martina Jirsová nadšeně píše:

Even though the organizers indicated this project as a youth exchange, due to the quality and intensity of the schedule, I wouldn’t be afraid of saying, that we participated in a very good and well prepared training course.
During this project we didn’t only share experiences from our countries, but we also learnt a lot of new things - either about institutions and decision making process in EU or how to become more active EU citizens. The most interesting thing we could experience was simulation of negotiations between the states.
Besides the activities, we had also enough time to explore Greek culture, improve our language skills and build strong relationships with people from other countries.
For me it was a pleasure to be a group leader of such a good Czech group. We created a team which worked more than perfectly and I hope that we will keep in touch and that we will have opportunity to meet in another project.


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