The project of Erasmus + called Life Spirit took place in capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. There participated six teams from six different countries. There were people from Norway, Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Except Turkish main leader of whole project, Mehmet Altuntop every nation team had own group leader, which should help to participant of his group with everything what is needed. Czech team had very funny Josef Říkosvký who was very kind and he agglutinated our team.

Every day was full of experiences. We got to know new people, new culture and new country. We improved our english speaking, we sported, cook, got to traditional meals other nations and laughed. We enjoed every day. We had opportunity to be active. I think that we have many new experiences thanks to Europian union and czech organization ICM Jindřichův Hradec z.c.

Thank you!

Filip Med


vložila MK