Projekt Choosing right job 25.2-4.3 2017 v Istanbulu: Hana Berezňáková účastnice píše: 

I consider this project a great way how to improve my future employment opportunities. It also helped to grow both from personal and professional point of view. I gained new skills, which are going to be useful for my future job. I also enjoyed meeting new people, and the project motivated me to be more active in my everyday life.

Projekt Stay or Go 7.-15.2. 2017 v Istanbulu: a group leader Karolína Matkovská píše: 

Having oversight over czech team was a pleasure experience for me. Even if every participant of the Czech team was a totally different personality the team as a whole worked perfectly. We took the tasks as a one man and acted towards finishing all the tasks which laid ahead of us. It was a satisfying moment when I was watching my Czech team solving problems, presenting and communicating with other nationalities. It was a sad moment when the project ended and every member of the Czech team went his way and the team split.

Projekt Perfom Tolerance 20.-28.3 2017 v Istanbulu: a group leader Karolina Hrabětová píše: 

In the beginning i would like to tell you from all of us , that we are really glad to got this chance and to be participants on this project. Czech team was able to acquire competences for personal and proffesional development specially in a social life. Everyone enjoyed time there and were glad  for sharing their own knowledge and skills with young people and other youth workers, and also to hear experiences from them.  Thanks this experience we all learned and improved a foreign language and build up new contacts. Participants still keep contact with other participants from the project, for example:  One of us went to the UK and spend some time with people from UK team.  We also increased the quality and quantity of international youth projects organised by our organisation. Hopefully we will see us soon in another project!

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