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Live Healthy
Jindrichuv Hradec
Czech Republic

18 - 27. 6. 2022

Czech-Spain- Turkey- Poland- Hungary- Bulgaria - Greece
7 participants (18- 30 years) from each country+ 1group leader (18-no age limit), gender
balance and
disadvantaged participants welcome!

Summary of this project
The Live healthy project gives participants the opportunity to break down prejudices and
stereotypes about a healthy lifestyle. The partnership consists of 7 organizations. We plan to
achieve the goals of the project by using non-formal education methods and fulfilling the
motto "We learn through play" "

During the project we will look for answers to the questions: What are the principles of a
healthy lifestyle? What does it mean to eat healthy? Do I really have to move? What is the
cause of stress and how can I reduce it? How will a healthy lifestyle affect my life? Does my
approach to lifestyle affect society or anything else? We plan to achieve the goals of the
project by using non - formal education methods and fulfilling the credo "We learn through

What is waiting for us? 
Project methodology: "Pavlinistan" / framework educational method of our organization / For example, the following activities will take place within the project: dating games, evaluation games, presentations, walks, discussions, sports activities, trip to Jindrichuv Hradec and meeting young people at school, brainstorming, teamwork, open space, world caffe, examples of good practice, sharing experiences, national evening, informal sitting , water sports, Youthpass, ..... The participants agree on the program on the first day of the project, we will discuss the program.