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Alexandra Witková

I am project manager with the best trainers/volunteers. I have 7 years' experience in non-formal education and work with youngsters. I graduated in 2016 at the University of Ostrava in Management for Public Sector. I work as a trainer focusing on youngsters and kids for several years. Thanks to my diverse experience I developed intercultural awareness, knowledge of global issues, teamwork and leadership. Beside the others, I took part in 

Job Shadowing in Brisbane-Australia 'Capacities of youth workers on the field of youth employment services' which was organised by EPIC ASSIST Slovakia and Czech Republic. At the moment, I am working for the Europe Citizens Programme on civil society projects. 


Let me introduce you my team!


Zuzana Hudcová 

My name is Zuzana Hudcova and I am currently a student of LLM in International Law at the Newcastle University and MSc in International Development and Environment at University of Palacky. As a trainer, my specialisation lies in international politics, global development, human rights, gender and global inequality, conflict analysis and cultural studies, as well as foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic) In 2020, I became an intern for the Czech Permanent Mission at the United Nations which enabled me to deepen my knowledge of the aforementioned problematics. 


 Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, I will be happy to help you. 


Pavel Kopczyk

Hi, my name is Pavel Kopczyk. I am student of Thomas Bata Univesity, of Security systems technology and management. As a trainer I specialize in securing buildings and businesses with mechanical and electronic equipment, safety on the internet, risk analysis, artificial intelligence, renewable energy sources, investing. I worked as animator for integration centre for foreigners and as a trainer of table tennis. I am interested in playing football, chess and talking in foreign languages mainly English, Spanish, Russian. 


I look forward to a successful working relationship in the future. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

Timothy Patrick Murphy

My name is Timothy Murphy and I'm originally from Manchester England, with my mother residing in Limoges France. however, I have now relocated to the Czech Republic post-Brexit. I'm currently studying for 2 further degrees, one in international relations, and a master's in Cybersecurity, where my joint passion for ethical hacking and world affairs run together smoothly. The University of York (my place of study) has been very accommodating with allowing me to complete my studies from distance during the pandemic.
I am in no way an accomplished linguist, however, since leaving the Uk I have lived in France and in the Netherlands and now in Czech rep, where I have learned all languages to at least a basic standard. And with the mother of my daughter being a Czech native, one would imagine that I will progress my Czech to as high as I go.

I am originally a musician, and this still may be my main love, but the pandemic has brought this side of my career to a hold. (although album currently streaming on all major platforms under the Artist name TIMM) My undergrad was actually in music technology at the University of Derby. Other than that my life revolves around my family and staying up to date with world affairs. I am a trainer in current project called 'Digital Transformation in Youth Sector: Experience of Visegrad Countries" in Azerbadian, Baku'


Pavel Vítek

My name is Pavel Vítek, I'm currently involved in organising and managing various international activities of the Erasmus+ programme. As far as my trainer specialization is concerned, I'm mostly contributing my language skills to our projects, as I had the opportunity to live in several countries, both in Europe and in the Middle East. Thereby, I've reached an advanced level of fluency in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Turkish and, to some degree, in Dutch, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Romanian and Persian.

Jan Kubinec

My name is Jan Kubinec. I'm a student at the University of technology and economy in České Budějovice. I'm studying economic with the Chinese market and these days I'm finishing my bachelor's work on the theme of Motivation preferences of students in universities in China. I was studying in Beijing for one semester in 2019 and found a lot interesting from China! I'm a worker of ICM since 2014 and I have participated in many projects at Erasmus+ of our partner organization. I took a part in organizing many projects of ICM from EU fonds. I'm a positive and open mind person. Also, I worked in the UK as a waiter during the summer as a part-time job for two summers in 2017 and 2018. My hobby is definitely football, I'm an active player and also a huge fan of Slavia Praha since a was a child. Basically, I like almost every sport to watch and to do so. If we will have the opportunity to meet, we have to play or do some sport for sure.  I like to meet new people and culture.

Feel free to contact me at whenever you like and we can discuss anything you are interested in.