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Účastníci Adam Telička a Katarzyna Gattnar o projektu ERASMUS+ v italské Kalábrii:

From eleventh to sixteenth September we had an opportunity to visit historic town centre of Reggio Calabria and gather knowledge and information about “Common Roots of European Language“, intercultural dialogue and Italian way of living. The participants consisted of 26 youth workers from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Italy. During the training, we learned about the situation of unemployment of young people in many countries with possibilities to solve them, phonetic similarities in languages of participants and many things about the European Union. We have met plenty interesting people, started new friendships and cooperations. We also participated in a big Christian festival that took place in Reggio and we’ve witnessed most famous sculptures of Bronzi di Riace. Few participants were even selected to talk to local newspapers and TV to propagate Erasmus+ and this training course itself.

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