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Jeden z účastníků se vyjadřuje k projektu Mythological European Paths, který proběhl v září ve slunečném Řecku:

David Louda:

One of the most vauable experiences that I got in my life so far. Deffinetly. What's the rationale behind it? In the end of the days this is one of the few memories that I will have. Why? Because this intensive week, while we were getting to know each other, finding out so much about so many topics and having so so much fun gave me an incentive to get the best out of me in the future. For inner myself it was an incentive of a great importance for a self development in various fields as for example learning new languages, equality and even geography! Another advantage of this project were people, of course. The reason for that is that we have many new contacts all around Europe. Furthermore I would like to metion the set of various skills that I improved like roleplaying, cooperation, team work, communication in mother and also in foreign language which I appreciate with the team-work skills the most. I hope that in the future there will be more people given such an opportunity as it was to us.

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